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    Customized Items

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    Best rated

    When you absolutely need to make that perfect first impression, turn to the design professionals at Printspoint Designers. From logos

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    T shirt Printing

    There are many different ways to print T-shirts and other garments, choosing the right print method can be crucial to

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    Promotional products

    Promotional material is any combination of media that provides participants with descriptive information regarding the learning activity. Materials can include

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    So, what do we really do and what are the services we offer our customers? Our business is about taking

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At Printspoint Designers, we value your Feedback and would like to hear from you about our services

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a key aspect of any company. Good graphic design can make a good idea successful, and bad design can hurt a good idea’s integrity. At Printspoint Designers, we are aware of all aspects of design – from company presence to shape & color psychology. We acknowledge strong concepts with adamant design over flamboyant, ineffective design. Let us help you make an effective & conceptual logo, t-shirt, or any other product you are looking to be designed. Customers can bring in their own sketches, drawings or even just ideas and printspoint designers can make a beautiful finished product. Email your artwork to printspointdesigns@gmail.com


Common uses for graphic design include: logos (branding), web design, billboards, paper products (business cards, menus, postcards), social media design, packaging, t-shirt or promotional product design, signs or banners and anything else you may need to establish your company branding. Our graphic designer has over six years of experience in all fields of design – from branding to hand-drawn typography, we will be sure to give you quality design work and guarantee a quality result to satisfy your business – or a present for a friend.


As our production is IN-HOUSE we do not need to have long lead times. Our usual fulfilment time is few hours or days but usually it is far less. But as happens on many occasions, if we have a customer, new or existing, desperate for delivery within a few days we will do everything we can to help.


Easy to say and much harder to produce. All of our processes are IN HOUSE which means we maintain absolute control over production and the finished products. Many of our t-shirt printing competitors are agents without their own machinery and who are therefore unable to offer this level of quality control.

Customized Mugs

Planning to surprise your spouce, Mum, Dad or any member of your Family? At Printspoint Designers we have variety of options for you. On of them being our customized Mugs which can be added a photo on it or any Love messages of your choice.

Promotional Items

There is an almost-limitless collection of promotional products we offer. Virtually any non-apparel item can be found and custom printed. Printing methods may vary. at Printspoint Designers, we can add your logo/text to any item of your chouce at an affordable cost.

Tshirt Printing

If you’re looking for custom t shirts or corporate apparel and want to find a screen print company or embroidery company that you can trust, you’re on the right website. At Printspoint Designers we give you quality tshirts in an affordable charge including the printing. We do full color print jobs, stickers and Screen printing on tshirts.